I’ve been doing this for a while now via referral but as we all know, now is the time for us all to start things so I built this website.

If you need help I can help you – you can see some of the people I’ve helped here and the type of services over here.

Bands Fans & Brands

Get more stuff done

If you’re reading this most likely you are an entrepreneur/musician/creative already in business or starting up. You know you have a ton to do and maybe

  • learning new tech stuff isnt the best use of your time
  • too busy to
  •  have no intrest in learning/doing this stuff you want to focus on your business
  • volume of work too large and you need to delegate

…there’s probably more, so now you’re considering virtual assistance.

My name is Jason and I’m based in Birmingham UK.  I used to do IT support for corporate companies. Besides commuting everyday this meant I became ‘the guy’ to fix anything internet related for all my family and friends (and friends of friends). Many of said family and friends were in the creative industries so  this ‘help’ expanded to include websites, seo , music marketing, email marketing, artwork etc etc – most of my briefs boiled down to ‘make it happen’..so I do.

What I Do
  • Email Marketing – Mailchimp, Aweber
  • Growth Hacking
  • Web Development – WordPress
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • All  Digital stuff you Don’t want to